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How to manage Seller Profile?

You can see your Marketplace Panel after signing in into your seller account.

Ques. Why should i update my seller profile ?
Ans. Gocrafti strongly believes in transparency therefore it gives you this feature so that you customer can know you better. A better understanding is needed for long term relationship. It will also improve your Shop’s visibility on Google or any other search engine. Let’s Do this.

Click on Seller Profile

  • In Profile Information, you have been provided with certain social url options at which you need to fill your details accordingly, you need not to fill all the details here. Eg : You have a page on facebook with name xyz, in this case your Facebook Id will xyz (you need not to fill the full Facebook url) and don’t forget to tick Facebook Id
  • We have have provided you an option with Theme (Background color) you just hover on the color picker and pick your color.
  • Shop Title : Type your Shop name there
  • Company banner : You can add your own company/shop banner there, Size for the banner has been provided there.
  • Company Logo : Add your Company/Shop logo there
  • Company Locality : You can share your Company/Shop location or address there
  • Company Description : Write about your Company/Shop, What you are dealing with and so on…

  • Return Policy : you have to write your Company/Shop return policy there.
  • Shipping policy : you can take reference from Gocrafti Shipping Policy
  • Select Country : select your Country there
  • Meta Keywords : Basically they are bunch of words which affects your shop ranking at various search engines, Eg. you own a shop name xyz and you deal in handicrafts so your suggested keywords will be india’s best online handicrafts,buy indian handicrafts, you can write it as you want but this should be somewhere related to your company/shop. Don’t forget to put comma after a keywords
  • Meta Description : This is very important in terms of visibility of your shop at Google or any other Search Engines, You need to write a unique description about your company/shop.

  • Complete your KYS (Know your Seller) form provided to you in the Seller Profile and don’t forget to save attributes else your KYS form won’t be saved.

    That’s all you are now all set to rock and roll with Seller Profile, Cheers !!!!

    What is an atrribute and How to manage it ?

    Gocrafti provides you this option only for Configured products, Configured products are those products which you configured according to your choice.

    Ques. What is an attribute?
    Ans. An attribute is basically a feature of a product. As one can guess from its name, Gocrafti Product Attribute is designed to specify certain features of a Product. Among the most popular attributes are:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Width
  • Height
  • Ques. How to create an attribute?
    Ans. To save your time, Gocrafti has created most of the popular Attributes Set for the products, sellers need to select the popular Attributes set and then configure the attributes feature accordingly.

    How to list a new Product?

    Ques. What is a new product?
    Ans. New product means that particular product doesn’t exist at Gocrafti.

    Ques. How to check my product is new?
    Ans. Click Assign Product available at seller Panel, and type your product first name, if you find similar product at view option you need only to set your your price, you can also check other sellers rate for that particular product.

    Ques. How to add new Product?
    Ans. Click New Products and selects the appropriate attribute set and select the product type (Simple by default), now you will see various simple options. Select your product category and subcategory. Gocrafti has provided you some features like Special price, Cash On delivery (Very Important), and some awesome attributes. So play around and fill all the details like a pro and Don’t Forget to save the product. Now Gocrafti will examine the product and approve it thereafter. Generally this process takes 10-24 hours.

    Woooo!!! you have just become an Online editor, congrats 🙂

    How to manage My Products List

    Ques. What is My Products List?
    Ans. My Products List is basically listed/assigned products by you, you can search by name and date and you can also check the status of your product whether that has been approved or not.

    How to utilize my Dashboard?

    Ques. What is My Dashboard?
    Ans. it’s the most attractive feature provided by Gocrafti. Here you can analysis your Company/Shop with your products/sales/orders. This Dashboard will automatically converts your order/sales in chart thus giving a simpler way to handle your shop. You can ask questions to admin directly there. This dashboard will only include the Marketing Fee not the Payments Collection Fee, Shipping Fee and Service Taxes so you need not to worry about the remaining amount. If you have any questions regarding any payouts you can ask questions to admin directly there.

    How to Manage My Transaction List?

    Ques. What is My Transaction List?
    Ans. Basically this provides all the transaction list completed between Seller and Gocrafti. You can Download/Save it also.

    How to Manage Cash On Delivery?

    Ques. How to Manage Cash On Delivery?
    Ans. Click at Cash On deliver, and Gocrafti has provided you certain options. Details are as follows :

  • Invoice & Packing/VAT/Tax Information : Seller need to provide Their Company/Shop Address, VAT/TIN/CST information. Don’t include the Service Tax.
  • Eg. Company/Shop Address : {Your Company/Shop Full address here}
    VAT :
    CST :
  • Add New Cash On Deliver Rate : This feature has many option :

  • Destination Country : Select Country where you would like to show your product is available for Cash On Delivery.
  • Destination State or Region : If you would to make your product available for specific state, you can write the name of the State or Region there, If you want to make your product available for Cash on Deliver for the whole Country, Just Type * This * means you have made your product available for Cash On Deliver for the whole Country.
  • ZIP/POST CODE FROM : This is basically asking the Pincode availability for any particular place/area in a region. Eg : you have write here 211003, This means Cash on delivery is available for your product from this pin code. If you want to make Cash On delivery available for the whole Country/Region just type * This * means you have enabled the Cash on Delivery for the whole area of that Region/Country.
  • ZIP/POST CODE To : This is basically to show your reachability for Cash On Delivery. If you want to make all your product should be eligible for Cash Deliver, you need to type * This * means you have enabled all your products available for Cash On Deliver. Eg. You have write 211009, This means your Company/Shop total reachability for Cash On Delivery is From PIN code 211003 to PIN code 211009, your product won’t be eligible for Cash On Delivery If one wants a product at PIN code 211010.
  • TIPS : To make your customers shopping experience awesome, You are requested to enable all your products available for Cash On Delivery, This will increase customers trust into your Company/Shop.
    Rate Type : You can select Fix option here.

  • Fix Rate : You can type the amount you want to set for your customer for Cash On Delivery. If you put 0 Your product will be shown Free Cash On Delivery. Eg You set a price for a product with Rs 1000, The shipping Amount Will be Rs 99 (Set by Gocrafti for orders below Rs 1000) and if you put 40 in the Fix Rate. The total cost for that particular product will be shown Rs 1139 (Rs 1000+ Rs 99+ Rs 40). The price may be very High for the product therefore set a competitive for your Price.
  • Percentage (%) Rate : If you want Cash On Delivery Rate in Percentage, you can write the desired percentage here. If you don’t want any percentage for that particular product, you can simple put 0 in the box. Eg. If you put 10 in this box and If product price is 1000 then The Cash On Delivery Charges will be 10% of The total Price, In this case Cash On Delivery Price will be Rs. 100. The total cost of your product will be Rs 1199 (Rs. 1000 + Rs 99 + Rs 100).
  • Weight From : If you to make your products available from certain weight for Cash On delivery, You can simply put a number there. Eg 100 means 100 grams, * means available for all.
  • Weight To : If you want to make your products available upto a certain weight for Cash On delivery, You can simply put a number there. Eg 100 means 100 grams, * means available for all.
  • Now you need to click Add new COD rate to apply your new COD rule for products.

    If you want to make all your products available for cash on delivery, don’t add any COD rule.

    How to Manage Cash On Delivery Orders?

    Ques. How to Manage Cash On Delivery Orders?
    Ans. You can see all your Cash On Delivery orders here. You can easily manage your orders by using our various Feature.

    What is My Assign Products and How to manage it?

    Ques. What is Assign Product?
    Ans. If you want to search weather your product is available in Gocrafti, this feature can help you with. Just type your product first name and click search and see if your product is available or not. If your shows available, you have to only list your pricing, you can see others sellers pricing also and you can put a competitive pricing for your products. If your product isn’t available just click New Product or click here to list a new Product.

    How to manage My Assisgend Products List?

    Ques. What is Assign Product List?
    Ans. Here you can see the list of all your Assigned products. You can manage them all accordingly. You can also change the pricing of your products also.

    How to manage RMA (Return Materials Authorization?

    Ques. How to manage RMA System?
    Ans. RMA basically refers to Return Materials Authorization System. This an automated system provided to you by Gocrafti for handling Returns and Refunds requests for your orders. If any customer opts RMA for any of his products, you will see all the details about the concerned customer/product their and can handle the situation very easily. We encourage all sellers to handle all the RMA requests very kindly.

    If you still have any problem regarding any issue with sellers Training, you can contact us at

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