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What are the documents required to register as a seller on Gocrafti?

You need to have the following documents:

  1. VAT/TIN Number (not mandatory un-stitched dress materials)
  2. PAN Card
  3. Bank Account Details (Cancelled cheque for proof)
How can i start selling at Gocrafti?

You need to follow the following steps:

  1. Register yourself with Gocrafti.com as a seller by clicking here OPEN ONLINE SHOP FREE
  2. Choose the correct attribute set to list your product.
  3. Once an order is received, pack the product . Our courier partner will pick up the product and deliver it to the customer.
  4. Once an order is successfully delivered, Gocrafti will release the payment after 5-7 days (Working Days).
Who can sell at Gocrafti?

You have authentic products to sell, you are good enough to sell at Gocrafti. You need to have the following to start selling :

  1. VAT/TIN Number (not mandatory un-stitched dress materials)
  2. PAN Card
  3. Bank Account Details (Cancelled cheque for proof)
What if i don’t have a TIN, Can i register as a seller ?

If you have a PAN Card, you are good enough to go as a seller, but you will be eligible to sell only unstitched material. To sell other products, you need to have TIN number.

Who will put the price?

As a seller, you have full right to put appropriate price for the product, Gocrafti can suggest you a price only in case your product is over/under priced.

What is the charge for listing the product?

There is no charge for listing the products at Gocrafti.com, you can list unlimited product, even there is no charge for creating a separate attribute from seller end, Gocrafti charges very small amount for what you sell. See our Pricing.

How many listings are required to start selling?

You can even start with just one listing. You can increase the number of listing later.

When can I start selling?

Once your all documents and details are verified, your seller account will be approved and you will be informed via mail/sms that your status as a seller has been approved. You can start listing products after the. Here is the list of document and needed to verify your seller account.

Important Details :

  1. TIN number (Not needed in case of un-stitched dress materials)
  2. PAN Card Number
  3. Category (at which you want to sell your products)
  4. Bank Account details (Where we can deposit your money)
  5. Mobile Number
  6. Copy of PAN Card and TIN registration (Not needed in case of un-stitched dress materials) as attachments

Documents :

After successfully completion of registration from, our Seller Relationship Department will examine your details and send you seller agreement via mail, you need to send that agreement (duly signed by you) back to us.

Once we received the agreement and we will make your seller account live within 24 hours.

What if i’m getting trouble with registration form?

You need to contact Seller Relationship Manager assigned to you. You can us also contact us at sellers@gocrafti.com

Who will be responsible for my products?

Our courier partners will be responsible for the product while the product is in transit. Courier partner will having no liability after delivering the product.

What if my area is not covered under Gocrafti?

You can contact your Seller Relationship manager or drop us a mail at sellers.gocrafti.com we will check the issue and let you know about the same as soon as possible.

Which courier partner will take my order?

Gocrafti has automated order management system, As any order takes place our order management system will automatically selects the best courier partner for you (Based on Pin-codes and Distance).

Can i opt my own courier partner?

Gocrafti doesn’t provide such facility, Gocrafti provides you courier partner which will be best for you.

How to manage Seller Profile?

You can see your Marketplace Panel after signing in into your seller account.

Ques. Why should i update my seller profile ?
Ans. Gocrafti strongly believes in transparency therefore it gives you this feature so that you customer can know you better. A better understanding is needed for long term relationship. It will also improve your Shop’s visibility on Google or any other search engine. Let’s Do this.

Step 1. Click on Seller Profile

  • In Profile Information, you have been provided with certain social url options at which you need to fill your details accordingly, you need not to fill all the details here. Eg : You have a page on facebook with name xyz, in this case your Facebook Id will xyz (you need not to fill the full Facebook url) and don’t forget to tick Facebook Id
  • We have have provided you an option with Theme (Background color) you just hover on the color picker and pick your color.
  • Shop Title : Type your Shop name there
  • Company banner : You can add your own company/shop banner there, Size for the banner has been provided there.
  • Company Logo : Add your Company/Shop logo there
  • Company Locality : You can share your Company/Shop location or address there
  • Company Description : Write about your Company/Shop, What you are dealing with and so on…

  • Return Policy : you have to write your Company/Shop return policy there.
  • Shipping policy : you can take reference from Gocrafti Shipping Policy
  • Select Country : select your Country there
  • Meta Keywords : Basically they are bunch of words which affects your shop ranking at various search engines, Eg. you own a shop name xyz and you deal in handicrafts so your suggested keywords will be india’s best online handicrafts,buy indian handicrafts, you can write it as you want but this should be somewhere related to your company/shop. Don’t forget to put comma after a keywords
  • Meta Description : This is very important in terms of visibility of your shop at Google or any other Search Engines, You need to write a unique description about your company/shop.
  • That’s all you are now all set to rock and roll with Seller Profile, Cheers !!!!

    You can now move to Create Attribute Section from here

    How can i list a product?

    Gocrafti provides you two options for adding a product.

    Option 1.

    1. Sign in into your seller account Click here for seller account
    2. Your dashboard will look like this dashboard
    3. Go to assign product
    4. Type the name of your product (you can also search by Brand, First name) and hit search button.
    5. select the product (If that matches with your product)
    6. If you don’t find your product here, you need to follow option 2

    Option 2.

    1. Click the Click Here button or Click ‘New Products’ in dashboard.
    2. Select the appropriate Attribute set
    3. Select Product Type (Simple by default)
    4. Click on Continue
    5. Now Select category and subcategory (eg. you want to sell a wooden Handicrafts then you need to select Handicrafts as well as Wooden Handicrafts, this will improve visibility of your product)
    6. Fill all the details related to products and click on Save button (You can find it at Heading)
    7. Hurraahhh !!!! You are done, We will approve your product after a little inspection.

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